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Vision Focus Extra Features

Knowing what you want versus what you need is difficult. Vision Focus has other additional features that help make your center run smoother and more efficient with the highest customer service ever seen before in the bowling industry.

Movie Maker Advertising Network

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Bowling centers almost never take full advantage of their advertising potential. Steltronic Movie Maker allows you to create ads that can be displayed right on your lane screens while your bowlers are playing! Another great way to reach consumers and bring additional revenue into your center.

Import Your Advertisements

It's so simple: just import a photo from any digital camera, or scan any image on a scanner, and  Steltronic will automatically display this image where your customers are sure to see it-on their scoring monitors while they play. Suddenly, advertising becomes quick, simple, and profitable. One more fantastic way to reach consumers and bring additional revenue into your center.

Grand Prix interactive Bowling Game

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Grand Prix is the most unique Automobile Racing game in the bowling industry in true 3D.

Each bowler is represented by either a race car as they race to the finish--a designated score. Because there is only one ball per frame, bowlers wait half the time and always bowl on a full rack of pins, making it that much more exciting and accessible for everyone. You set the winning number of pins to determine the length of the game; you can even adjust it in the middle of a game. Kids love it because they can visually see how they're doing. Adults love it because it's a simple, competitive game that anyone can play.


    M.A.R.S. Wireless System

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    Management Assisted Remote System is the world's only handheld, wireless, mobile, and simple-to-use front desk system. Your staff will have the ability to greet customers, open lanes, take food/beverage orders and even enter shoe sizes or bumper preferences from anywhere in your facility, all from a completely mobile font desk unit.

    Experience the benefits of the most customer-friendly development in the bowling industry since automatic scoring.


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    Nothing's more troublesome than keeping track of shoe rentals.
    By installing a tiny sensor, your lanes will automatically detect  when they are being used. This data will be organized in a daily report and indicate every shoe that was rented, verifying the pairs of shoes rented out each day.  ShoeVision works perfectly with your existing rental shoes by using a simple, easy-to-install modification.
    The Result? No more rental shoe revenue loss, because ShoeVision detects every pair rented out, automatically.



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    Here's how it works: customers walk directly to a kiosk in your center, which automatically takes their picture before they bowl. PhotoStrike signals that it's time for them to bowl by displaying this photo on the monitor. Customer names and shoe sizes are already taken at the kiosk, and the bowler or group is placed directly into the electronic waiting list. Anytime a lane becomes available, the bowler or group can be sent directly down to bowl--all of their information is already entered and ready.

    Wireless Intercom

    Wireless Intercom

    This exclusive product from Steltronic provides incredible customer service by responding immediately to bowlers on and off the lanes. Bowlers can speak directly to their server to order food and drinks, or directly with the front desk or mechanic for technical problems.
    As a result this efficient wireless technology can save you time and money while reducing the service staff you once required.

Update your center to the latest technology!

On this page you will find a brief description of all the extra features of the Steltronic scoring system. Please visit this page often, because we will continue to develop more exciting products that will improve the scoring experience.

Fingerprint Reader

Finger Print

Password-based authentication for the Front desk remains the weakest link in the security chain.  When you add this feature to your Focus Front Desk you don't have to worry about resetting passwords or fielding support calls for lost or forgotten passwords.

Fingerprint authentication

has advantages over the traditional pass-word or smart card:

  • Can't be stolen or used by other employees
  • Can't be forgotten
  • Employees can clock in and out
  • Only authorizes the Proprietor/Manager to access secure screens
  • Save thousands of dollars from employee theft

Credit card integration

Credit card integration
Now your center can process credit cards automatically with the Focus front desk system.

This integration is a powerful solution to record the sale and process customer credit card payments in one step.

  • Entire process takes place on your computer screen
  • Batch reporting through the front desk or back office
  • Process payments through multiple terminals
  • No longer pay rental fees for credit card machines